The IT Strategist

The IT Strategist is a business blog focusing on the application of business process and technology to grow your business. Whether you’re a CIO of a Fortune 100 company or a small business, the strategies discussed here will be relevant.

The content here is a result of 26 years of experience in the field of IT business, 20 years in large IT departments and six years working for a vendor. As an IT Strategy and Business Consultant, I will post trends and concepts that IT Shops deal with across the world. We will discuss ideas and discoveries found from my work. We will also keep an eye on industry trends and topics that can impact the way your business makes and keeps is revenue.  We will discuss philosophy and strategies in short consumable think pieces.

So stay tuned as we discuss the ever-changing landscape of IT. As we see disruptive technologies, business process, and even the stakeholders calling the shots, you will find these topics discussed here in their application. We will even discuss the results of the use of these strategies.

Look for topics to participate in as well as we try to solve the problems of the world!

Ben is a Business Consulting Architect for CDW. All opinions are his own.

The IT Strategist