The IT Strategist goes to Vegas! AWS re:Invent 2017


It’s been several years since I attended a conference as an attendee and not a partner/vendor. This will be interesting.

The reason I am here is to understand where AWS fits within IT Strategy as a business. The technology is obviously mature to house solutions that can run businesses. However, when do you know when to add AWS to your IT Strategy? What solutions can you use AWS for, and how do you get started. Are there areas of the business that make more sense than others to use AWS or is it ready to house an entire datacenter?

I am also here to identify other solution providers (hardware/software/services) that the CAS Team can work with. As CDW gets more involved with AWS, the CAS team will be helping customers develop their IT Strategy around cloud! Where will AWS fit in the overall IT Strategy!

Stay tuned to find out. I will be blogging, Vlogging, and Instagraming during the conference. So come back and check out what we learn that can help your business increase profitability with this exciting technology and services!

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